Technical Difficulty

“Is this project technically difficult?  Was it something that was easy to build or was simply an add on to something that is already out there?  Were there real challenges to surmount in the 24 hours to make this product work?  How successful was the team at completing the development process for their project?”

*This is the most important aspect in the judging criteria and will make up most of the overall score.*



“Is this solution to a problem something that has been seen millions of times before?  Is the idea unique and creative?  Is it a new solution to an old problem or something novel, advanced, and never before seen?”


User Experience/ Design

“Is the hack usable in its current state?  How much more time would have been needed to bring it to a ready for production state?  Does everything appear to work?  Is the design rigid or aesthetically pleasing?  How is the overall User Interface of the project?  Is the project easy for the user to navigate and understand?”



“Is the hack practical?  Is it something that people could actually use?  Does it solve a real world problem?  How can it be scaled to a larger scale?  What kind of audience is it geared towards?  Does it help solve a problem for a social good?  What kind of social impact does it have?”